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Date 2020-01-06 | 08 : 00 (UTC)
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Usage is a distributed computing cloud based on BOINC from the University of California, Berkeley, which opens this proven technology to everyone especially companies.
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Project Information is a product of the Iron Eagle Capital GmbH.

We intend to build an IT infrastructure to develop and operate a Distributed Computing Cloud, the C. An independent blockchain will be set up in order to invoice the transactions on the, and cryptographic token shall be created for this purpose. should enable anyone

with a useraccount to use the computing power in the cloud, and as a miner, to provide computing power to the cloud. Users can acquire the computing power required for their projects via the and have their projects calculated by the in a user-friendly, fast and cost-efficient way. This gives the user access to a decentralised 'supercomputer', without the hassle of having to set up or administer it.

The required computing power is made available to the network in the by the totality of the devices provided by the miners (computers with different operating systems, as well as graphics cards and smartphones) through their idle processing potential (IPP). defines the IPP as the processing power of a computer, a graphics card, or a smartphone multiplied by the percentage of unused potential computing power expressed in amount of time. The IPP represents a huge untapped resource that will continue to grow as more and more computers, graphics cards and, above all, smartphones become available. This applies both to new devices, but also, especially to older devices that would otherwise land in the garbage and thus create an environmental burden. These devices now have a new meaning, as they can now act as part of the

The projects to be calculated are broken down into thousands of small subtasks via the, distributed to the available devices and calculated there. The miner receives rewards in the form of cryptographic tokens, depending on the amount of devices and the processing power provided.

By the second quarter of 2018, more than 6.244 billion Android smartphones were sold worldwide.

Assuming an average performance of only 100 GigaFLOPS per smartphone (although a Samsung Galaxy S9 already has 370 GigaFLOPS) would result in a performance of 624 ExaFLOPS.

If only the 293 million smartphones sold by Samsung in 2018 were added together, this alone results in 29.3 ExaFLOPS.

These figures alone result in an exorbitant, almost untapped potential. For comparison purposes: the currently fastest supercomputer, 'Summit', at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the USA has a capacity of 200,795 TeraFLOPS, i.e. 0.2 ExaFLOPS. Less than 0.68 percent of the smartphones sold by Samsung in 2018 would already be enough to reach the computing power of the Summit supercomputer - at a fraction of the cost.

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Buy NCDT now at IEO price!

It's your chance to be part of NUCO.CLOUD from the begining